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As part of our S.H.I.T. weekend (Scottish Hardcourt Intercity Tournament) Glasgow Bike Polo held its first alleycat through the streets of Glasgow. As you’ll see in Euan’s video, we had a beautiful night for it, and really appreciate everyone who came down to ride in it. Thanks guys, see you at the next one!


What a month May was! Parties, tournaments, injuries, developments, sunshine, goodbyes, nudity and Polo.

Ignoring the odd stormy evening, we’ve been enjoying a bit of a heatwave here in Glasgow, which meant just one thing; Polo, lots of Polo. As well as our regular Wednesday and Sunday sessions some of us have been meeting up midweek to go through some drills and have a knock around. The longer days have also meant that we can continue to play right into the evening, no matter which court we play on. With our only floodlit court becoming busier and busier with the improved weather, this makes a huge difference.

Not only was the polo flowing throughout May, so were a few other things. With polo bikes, picnic, and our favourite Mancunian poloer, Sylwia, packed, a wee day trip to Loch Lomond got going. Glasgow Bike Polo Association was escorted off the various golf courses it found its way onto…

With 4 of us celebrating birthdays this month, we then took things up a notch with a joint birthday night out, donning our glad rags and enjoying a meal in Nanakusa, wherein we stuffed our faces with food, including a cake lovingly crafted by Donnie, who also made sure the birthday fairies delivered some gifts to the rest of the birthday boys. We then marched onward towards the dancing. Shapes were thrown.

Once fully recovered, we hit the polo court the next morning afternoon for some fun and games. But not just any games… I give you, the Wheel of Polo. I think at this point images will speak louder than any words could. (My favourite was Pirate Polo, depth perception is overrated).

Wacky Races Polo.

Buny Hop Competition

One week later, we bade farewell to our beloved Biscuit, Celia, who after a year studying in Glasgow was returning back home to Annecy, France. We marked this occasion with a classic Glasgow day in the sun; BBQ, a few Beers, and some Polo (what else). Celia put together this video of the day with her GoPro;

We also put together a wee parting gift for her on her last day; a special calendar, featuring all of us.

And the polo just wouldn’t stop! On the 31st, we sent a crack team of polo players down to cambridge for the UK championships. Clem, Dan and Brickman represented Glasgow and Scotland fantastically (even though they’re all English). They came 23rd out of 30, which considering the level of competition, and the fact that this was their first ever tournament together, is really impressive.

For their Trip, Lizzy put together some really cool team tshirts and polo shirts, which will be available to buy very soon! Purple is quickly becoming Glasgow’s team colour.

polo shirts1 poloshirt 2

And that’s just the beginning of what’s been going on. We’re working on a few possible routes towards a permanent place to play polo, we’re gearing up to host a summer tournament or two, and have our sights set on a pretty big event next year. This summer could possibly be the best Glasgow Bike Polo has ever seen.

Get well soon to all our injured players! (We need you on the court!)

Sunday was Celia’s last afternoon of Polo before her bike got boxed up and shipped off home to Annecy, France. So we fired up the BBQ, necked the gnôle, and gave her a proper polo send off.

Celia brought her GoPro, so click play to see her win her tap-out game, Ally fall over, Lizzy score goals, Donnie save goals, and Trish cook meat.

Nous t’aimons, Celia!

On Wednesday night, James brought his GoPro down to film some Polo, as well as his new helmet mounted boom, a recent purchase via a Kickstarter project. It made for some really interesting angles and some great shots. I expect James will be getting more use out of this gadget in future films we make.

A huge thank you to eveyone who came to our Bench Minor tournament on saturday. Some fantastic polo was played in the sunshine, and a few pints drank as well.
Congratulations to Edinburgh, who came out as resounding winners. Glasgow will be praticing ready to claim the title at next year’s Spring Bench!
Thanks also go out to Paul from SAMH, Scottish Association for Mental Health, who came along and even had a few games.

Here’s Euan Ryan’s film from the day so you can see what we all got up to!