As Seen at Polo

Bamboo Two!


As predicted by some, Aaron’s bamboo mallet shaft snapped after a few throw-in sessions. However, he and Brickman came up with what I think is a pretty genius solution and definite improvement to the design.

The shaft snapped at its base where it is screwed onto the head with a wood screw. This is probably the shaft’s weakest point, as the forces applied by the screw to pull the shaft down into the head and keep everything in place also push outwards against the inner face of the bamboo, increasing the likelihood of it splitting.

With a previously discarded length of aluminium pole slid over the end of and sitting flush against the shaft, the force from the screw now compresses the bamboo against the aluminium; preventing splitting, improving the screw’s grip, and strengthening the shaft’s weakest point.

I thought this was a brilliant bodge, and it might just keep the bamboo shaft alive for a while longer.


2 responses to As Seen at Polo: Bamboo Two


    What’s the weight like when compared to a standard polo shaft?


      I’ll try and get a good comparison next time it’s brought to throw ins, but my first impression was that it’s light, as light as a standard polo shaft and lighter than some ski poles.

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