Chronicles of a Bike Polo Rookie (Part Two)

literallyoverthemoon —  January 14, 2013 — 1 Comment

In the second in a series of posts chronicling his experiences in entering the world of bike polo, Matt describes GHBPA’s continued work towards officialdom and achieving association status.

The Constitution Is Born.

It’s been a few weeks since my first bike polo adventure and I’ve integrated fairly well with the rest of the group, and I’ve noticed talk about moving from a ‘random group of cyclists wielding sticks’ to an official association that will help us secure funding, find somewhere more specific to play polo (as opposed to a basketball court), grow a membership and lots of other things that are easier done with some letterheaded paper and some official signatures. Previous plans to form an official body were resurrected through online discussion, and everyone’s enthusiasm was put to good use.

It started with some online research into what actually constitutes a ‘Sports Association’ and the ways in which you can go about setting one up. Turns out there are quite a few ways of doing it varying from a fully fledged limited company, to a registered charity. For us, the best option was an ‘amateur sports association’ as all we had to do was write a constitution, appoint some executives, and establish our rules.

Eventually, after much to-ing and frow-ing, we set a date to find somewhere warm and dry after a day of polo to put everything into writing. We spent hours in a nearby cafe, writing a constitution, debating over specific wording/grammar/do we need this/what about that, going off topic, getting back on topic, until finally we had it…a draft constitution! It was done, smiles all round, back patting and sighs of relief. Here we were, a bunch of regular people, and we were just days from starting a club.

We spent the next few days, posting amendments and ideas back and forth until we combined all the versions into our goldilocks final draft. It was printed and signed off by our first officials.

Glasgow Hardcourt Bike Polo Association, founded 31/10/2012.

– Matt


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